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Andov, Dobre and Andreevska, Danica and Ilieva, Verica (2007) Application of green manure from fodder plants as precondition for organic production of rice. Proceedings of the III Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia with International Participation. pp. 325-329.

Andreevska, Danica and Andov, Dobre and Ilieva, Verica and Zaseva, Tanja (2007) Weed vegetation in rice grown in precrop of some fooder plants. Proceedings of the III Congress of Ecologists of Macedonia (6). pp. 297-302.

Andreevska, Danica and Ilieva, Verica and Andov, Dobre (2007) The Contents of Proteins with some Italian Rice Varieties Grown in the Region of Kocani-Macedonia. In: Konferencija so megunarodno ucestvo - "Diversifikacija na selskite regioni vo Bugarija".

Andreevska, Danica and Ilieva, Verica and Andov, Dobre and Zaseva, Tanja (2007) Дејство на основното ѓубрење и прихранувањето со различни азотни ѓубрива врз приносот и квалитетот на ПРИМА РИСКА - новосоздадена сорта на ориз. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook. pp. 87-96. ISSN 1409-987X


Beleski, Klime and Božinović, Zvonimir and Dimovska, Violeta and Boskov, Krum and Bakeva, Verica (2007) Phyllometric study of some wine grapevine cultivar (vitis vinifera l.) from the Balkan subgroup (subconvarietas balcanica negr.). XV International Symposium, 2. pp. 637-642.

Boskov, Krum and Božinović, Zvonimir and Hristov, Petar and Petkov, Mihail and Angelova, Elizabeta (2007) The effect of pruning and cluster thinning for producing of dessert wine's raw material from semillon cultivar in Skopje wine district's conditions. XV International Symposium, 2. pp. 902-910.


Canev, Ile and Kukutanov, Risto (2007) Exploitation parameters of machine for processing soil in a row, in vineyard. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook, VII. p. 97. ISSN 1409-987X


Davcev, Zivko and Kukutanov, Risto and Canev, Ile (2007) Неопходност од набавка и воведување нова земјоделска техника во земјоделското производство во Р.Македонија. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook. ISSN 1409-987X

Dimov, Zoran and Kratovalieva, Suzana and Spasova, Dragica (2007) Some morphological and technological characteristics of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) from Macedonia. 42nd Croatian & 2nd international symposium on agriculture. pp. 393-395.

Dimovska, Violeta and Božinović, Zvonimir and Beleski, Klime and Boskov, Krum (2007) The influence of pinching on some technological characteristics of cluster and berry of Italia grape variety. XV International Symposium, 2. pp. 911-919.


Gacovski, Zivko and Kukutanov, Risto and Spasov, Dusan and Ristova, Daniela (2007) Examination of possibilities for introduction of hybrid maize made in the institute for maize-kneza, R.Bugaria for manufacturing in the Strumica region of R.Makedonia. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook, VII. pp. 107-116. ISSN 1409-987X

Georgievski, Milan (2007) The influence of breeding conditions on the genetics “number of leaves between flower branches” applied on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.). Yearbook 2007, Faculty of Agriculture, 7 (7). pp. 69-78. ISSN 1409-987X

Gulaboski, Rubin and Borges, Fernanda and Pereira, Carlos M. and Cordeiro, M Natália D S and Garrido, Jorge and Silva, A. Fernando (2007) Voltammetric insights in the transfer of ionizable drugs across biomimetic membranes: recent achievements. Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening, 10 (7). pp. 514-26. ISSN 1386-2073

Gulaboski, Rubin and Cordeiro, M Natália D S and Milhazes, Nuno and Garrido, Jorge and Borges, Fernanda and Jorge, Miguel and Pereira, Carlos M. and Bogeski, Ivan and Morales, Aluska Helguera and Naumoski, Blaze and Silva, A. Fernando (2007) Evaluation of the lipophilic properties of opioids, amphetamine-like drugs, and metabolites through electrochemical studies at the interface between two immiscible solutions. Analytical Biochemistry, 361 (2). pp. 236-243. ISSN 00032697


Ilieva, Verica and Andreevska, Danica and Andov, Dobre and Zaseva, Tanja and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija (2007) Comperative examination of some productive - technological characteristics of introduced and standard varieties of rice (Oriza sativa L.). Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook, VII (8). pp. 35-47. ISSN 1409-987X

Ilievski, Mite and Vasilevski, Goce and Spasova, Dragica and Georgievski, Milan and Atanasova, Biljana (2007) Production characteristics of potato in Strumica region for period 1999-2007. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook, VII. pp. 57-68. ISSN 1409-987X


Koleva Gudeva, Liljana (2007) Создавање на хаплоидна пиперка (Capsicum annuum L.)во in vitro услови. [Project]

Koleva Gudeva, Liljana (2007) Вегетативно размножување кај некои растителни видови во in vitro услови. Годишен Зборник 2007 - Yearbook. ISSN 1409-987X

Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Spasenoski, Mirko and Trajkova, Fidanka (2007) Somatic embryogenesis in pepper anther culture: the effect of incubation treatments and different media. Scientia Horticulturae, 111 (2). pp. 114-119. ISSN 0304-4238

Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Trajkova, Fidanka and Spasenoski, Mirko (2007) Effectiveness of androgenesis induced in anther culture of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). Progress in Research on Capsicum and Eggplant.

Kuzelov, Aco and Naseva, Dijana and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija and Balabanova, Biljana (2007) The influence of colagenaza enzyme upon structural mechanical properties of meat cans. Годишен зборник 2007, Yearbook, XII. pp. 49-56. ISSN 1409-987X


Markovska, Biljana and Božinović, Zvonimir and Dimovska, Violeta and Angelova, Elizabeta and Ilic - Popova, Srebra (2007) Investigations of anatomical characteristics of some wine and table - grapevine cultivars, in Skopje area of vineyards. XV International Symposium, 2. pp. 1016-1025.

Mihajlov, Ljupco (2007) Водич за органско производство на домат. Manual. Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje, ISBN 978-9989-2799-6-6.

Mirceski, Valentin and Gulaboski, Rubin and Bogeski, Ivan and Hoth, Markus (2007) Redox Chemistry of Ca-Transporter 2-Palmitoylhydroquinone in an Artificial Thin Organic Film Membrane. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (16). pp. 6068-6076. ISSN 1932-7447

Mitrev, Sasa (2007) Global epidemiology of phytoplasma diseases of economic importance in Southeast Europe. [Project]

Mitrev, Sasa and Arsov, Emilija and Pejcinovski, Filip and Angelini, Elisa (2007) Geographical Distribution of “Bois Noir” Phytoplasmas Infecting Grapevines in the Republic of Macedonia. In: Bulletin of Insectology.

Mitrev, Sasa and Pejcinovski, Filip and Arsov, Emilija (2007) Presence of grapevine phytoplasmas in summer 2006 in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonian Ecological society Proceedings.

Mitrev, Sasa and Trajkova, Fidanka (2007) Implementation of Novel Biotechnological Methods Towards Food Security. [Project]


Pejcinovski, Filip and Mitrev, Sasa (2007) Agricultural Phytopathology (Part 1). Goce Delcev University - Stip, Stip. ISBN 978-9989-9672-3-8


Rafajlovska, Vesna and Slaveska-Raicki, Renata and Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Klopceska, Jana (2007) Spice paprika oleoresin extraction under different conditions involving acetone and ethanol. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment,Helsinki-Finland. pp. 65-69.

Rodeva, Velika and Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Grozeva, Stanislava and Trajkova, Fidanka (2007) Добивање на хаплоиди во култура на антери од пиперка Capicum annum L. и нивно вклучување во процесот на селекција. Годишен Зборник 2007 - Yearbook. ISSN 1409-987X


Sofijanova, Elenica (2007) Менаџерските и социолошките аспекти на диверсификацијата во стиловите на менаџирање, детерминирани според начинот на разрешување на конфликтните ситуации. PhD thesis, Институт за социолошки и политичко - правни истражувања.

Sofijanova, Elenica (2007) New approach of management in organizational conflict situation. In: International Scientific dual-conference "Towards knowedge-based economy" & "Enterprise management:Diagnostics, strategy, effectiveness", 12-13 April 2007, Riga, Latvia.

Spasov, Dusan and Atanasova, Biljana (2007) Harmful insects on pepper in Strumica region. Plant protection, XVIII. pp. 56-61. ISSN 1409-5084

Spasov, Dusan and Mitrev, Sasa and Spasova, Dragica and Atanasova, Biljana (2007) Occurrence of diseases, pests and weeds of pepper, variety "Kurtovska Kapija", from seeding production up to harvest. Plant protection, XVIII. pp. 51-55. ISSN 1409-5084

Spasova, Dragica and Mihajlov, Ljupco and Ilievski, Mite and Atanasova, Biljana and Georgievski, Milan (2007) Herbicide influence on the yield and some quality characteristics of the soybean. Plant Protection, 18. pp. 120-122. ISSN 1409-5084


Trajkova, Fidanka (2007) Водич за органско производство на маслинки. Manual. МЗШВ, Скопје.

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