Effectiveness of androgenesis induced in anther culture of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Trajkova, Fidanka and Spasenoski, Mirko (2007) Effectiveness of androgenesis induced in anther culture of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). Progress in Research on Capsicum and Eggplant.

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The frequency of obtained androgenic plants de pends highly on the genotype; there fore the low rate of
haploid recovery limits the utility of anther culture in pepper breeding.
In the present study the effectiveness of induced androgenesis in in vivo anther culture of 19 pep per genotypes was investigated and established. The aim of this study was establishment of effective in vitro technology for study of haploid and diploid plant regenerants; induction of embryogenesis in pepper anther
culture; development of the embryos into regenerants as well as successful adaptation and acclimatization of regenerants from sterile to greenhouse conditions.
The anthers were cultured according to the method developed by Dumas de Valux et al. (1981), heat
pre-treatment was applied at 35oC for 8 days in dark. The experiment showed that the effectiveness of
androgenesis process depends on pep per genotype and the conditions for anther culture maintenance. The
direct embryogenesis resulted in embryo formation that devel ped into plantlets.
After successful acclimatization of the regenerants firstly in climate conditions and after in green house
conditions seed material from four pepper genotypes was collected: Piran, Kurtovska kapija SR, Zlaten
medal SR and Féherözön.
The collected seed material is an excellent possibility for further breeding processes, cytogenetic and
other molecular level research.

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