USSR- China relations in the Cold and post Cold war era

Iliev, Andrej and Ivanova, Elena and Petreski, Drage (2015) USSR- China relations in the Cold and post Cold war era. Wulfenia Journal, XXII (3). pp. 313-326. ISSN 1561-882X

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This paper describes the relations between the USSR and China after the Second World War up to the end of the Cold War and to the present day with special emphasis on the future implications for the next 5 to 10 years.
In the second decade of the XXI century Russia and China are both important players in the multipolar global order. Together, they dominate the soil across Europe and Asia. Moscow and Beijing share the same interests in the position against the dominant influence of the USA and wider in the West. Russia is the world's largest manufacturing strength in oil and gas and China is the world's largest importer of energy and the fastest growing economy a fact that contributes to the prospects that Russia and China could be levelled soon.
The relations of the USA, as the world’s only superpower, depend directly from the success or failure of these relations.
The future of the Russian and China relations will be focused on energy security sector, mutual comprehensive understanding and security cooperation and military modernization of Chinese Army.

Keywords: USSR / Russia, China, international relations, Energy, multi-polarity

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