Hybrid warfare through the prism of Ukrainian crisis

Iliev, Andrej and Petreski, Drage and Atila, Ago (2017) Hybrid warfare through the prism of Ukrainian crisis. International scientific conference Security concepts and policies - New generation of risks and threats, II. pp. 103-113. ISSN ISBN 978-608-4828-06-8 (Т. 2)

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The history of wars as a social phenomenon is continuously evolving. This has been determined by the factors which directly reflect who will "win the war", the most important factors being: changes in international relations, shifting the center of global
power, the influence of global policy and the technical - technological development of weapons.
The emergence of opponents who plan and organize wars in symmetric and asymmetric ways, implies the need for a new definition of war or the emergence of "hybrid warfare", which in itself represents a combination of:conventional, irregular, terrorist and criminal activities all aiming to "win the war". One of the basic purposes of this paper is to present the historical development of hybrid warfare by explaining its operational phases and methods.
The main hypothesis of this paper based on a historical method and comparative analysis attempts to determine: "Were operational phases of hybrid warfare present in the
Ukrainian crisis, from which side and in what way". The comparative analysis will be based on the practical models that were previously used in crises as operational phases of hybrid warfare and they will be compared to the culmination point of the Ukrainian crisis scenario.
In addition, we will make an individual analysis of the methods of hybrid warfare that were used by the Ukrainian forces supported by NATO against the Russian separatists
supported by Russia and vice versa.
Keywords: evolution of hybrid warfare, operational phases, Ukrainian crisis, NATO, Russia

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