The role of crop production in receiving of biodisel as a new entrepreneurial opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia

Ilievski, Mite and Spasova, Dragica and Sofijanova, Elenica and Koleva Gudeva, Liljana and Georgievski, Milan and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija (2013) The role of crop production in receiving of biodisel as a new entrepreneurial opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia. International Scientific on-line Journal "Science & Technologies", III (6). pp. 17-23. ISSN 1314-4111

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The role of plant production in the creation of new organic values is huge. Crop production, which is under the control of the people is placed in order to provide subsistence for the whole civilization and creating products who improve society and enable it’s sustainability. Today in the world is known through the 2 900 cultural plant species of which about 120-150 are grown for commercial purposes. In Republic of Macedonia the number of cultural plant species is much smaller. As raw material for the biofuel plant which will be a high energy value and opportunity for biorenewables serve a greater number of cultural plant species which in their seed contains a higher percentage of oil. Such are the oilseed crops have greatly serve to produce this energy, but also to use and revitalization of contaminated surfaces with heavy metals and radioactive elements. Feasibility of producing and receiving a low cost of this energy is largely determined by the reduction of manufacturing costs of raw materials. All cultural oilseed plant species who have low production costs and provide low cost per unit of product is suitable for the production of basic raw material and can be used in the process of obtaining biodiesel. The paper is presented briefly percentage of oil in different oil crops and are considered more dimensions of their production and opportunities for new entrepreneurial approach to this type of production and use of biodiesel in the Republic of Macedonia. Keywords: plant, production, biodiesel, oil, seed

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