Applied Positive Psychology: A New Challenge for Clinical Practice

Miloseva, Lence (2009) Applied Positive Psychology: A New Challenge for Clinical Practice. In: IV Конгрес на психијатрите на Р. Македонија, 27-31 May, Охрид.

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Theoretical framework and objectives:
• The main aim of this paper is to present a new approach in clinical practice – Applied Positive Psychology.
Interest in what is good about humans and their lives and in optimal human functioning has long been a theme of human inquiry.
From Aristotle’s treatises on eudemonia, through Aquinas’ writings about virtue during the Renaissance, to the inquires of modern psychology-whether in the guise of humanistic psychology or positive psychology- interest in the human potentional for fulfillment has always existed.
Within the very origins of modern psychology, James ( 1902 ) was interested in the role that transcendent experiences may play in stimulating optimal functioning .
Jung’s ( 1933) concept of individuation speaks much to people becoming all that they can be.
This theme was echoed by Allport (1961) with his work on the mature individual, together with Jahoda’s (1958) seminal thinking about what might constitute mental health in the true sense of the term.
Similarly, the humanistic psychology movement speaks to our inherent potentional as human beings, with Maslow’s (1968) concept of self-actualization and Rogers’( 1963) work around the fully functioning person typically invoked here.
More recently, Ryff and her colleagues have integrated much of this literature in the concept of psychological well-being, defined as engagement with the existential challenges of life , and being distinct from ( but typically associated with ) subjective well-being , or the more generic happiness.
• Applied positive psychology is the application of positive psychology research to the facilitation of optimal functioning.
• Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy: A Positive Psychological Perspective
• Positive Therapy : A Positive Psychological Theory of Therapeutic Practice

Key words: Applied; Positive Psychology; Clinical Practice.

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