CROPWAT – Assessment of irrigation strategies in the region of Skopje

Trajkova, Fidanka (2005) CROPWAT – Assessment of irrigation strategies in the region of Skopje. Yearbook of Institute of Southern Crops - Strumica, IV/V. pp. 9-17.

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CROPWAT is a decision support system developed by the Land and Water Development Division of FAO. Its main functions are to calculate reference evapotranspiration, crop water requirements and crop irrigation requirements. The program allows choosing the cultivation site, culture, the cropping time, soil type and establishment of irrigation strategy.
The ETo, irrigation schedule, the quantity of used water, the reduction of the yield according to the growth stage are calculated from the existing data in CLIMWAT-database. The region of Skopje was chosen for analysis of different irrigation strategies applied to tomato culture cultivated in an open field from 15th of May to 3rd of October. Three irrigation strategies were analyzed: without irrigation (rainfed), sprinkle irrigation when irrigation covers 100% of the field area, drip irrigation with 60% effectively wetted of total field area, irrigation covers 60% of field area, drip irrigation when the deficit is equal to 130% readily available water and definition of own irrigation strategy with drip irrigation system with 60% field coverage and irrigation application when a specific soil moisture depletion of 22 mm occurs and the application depth is 70% of readily available water.

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