Influence of different substrates on the quality properties of tomato seedlings (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Dimovska, Daniela and Kovacevik, Biljana and Miskoska Mileska, Elizabeta and Iljovski, Igor and Petrov, Petar (2021) Influence of different substrates on the quality properties of tomato seedlings (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.). International Journal of Agronomy and Agriculture Research, 19. ISSN 2225-3610

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In order to determine the influence of different substrates on some quality properties of seedling tomato (Licopersicon esculentum), hybrid Optima F1, It was placed in experiment 2019 year. In the research was used commercially substrate as a control Gramoflor Profi 100%, and 5 combinations with it and other enhancers, such as: Т1 – Gramoflor Profi + Zeo min 2:1, Т2- Gramoflor Profi + Zeo pullus 2:1, Т3- Orgalife 100% чист, Т4- Orgalife + Zeo min 2:1, Т 5- Orgalife+ Zeo pullus 2:1. During the research the following parameters were monitored: seedling height, stem diameter and number of leaves. Measurements were started 37 days after sowing (BBCH 07), and were measured 5 times during seedling vegetation, every 7 days (BBCH 09, 10, 11 и 13). According to the obtained data for the examined property, the height of the seedling was determined as the highest average height in the treatment T1 of 19.1 cm,and the lowest average height of 7.4 cm in T2 treatment. Statistical analysis of this property showed statistically significant differences (p<0,05) between treatments T1 with control, then treatment Т3 with treatment Т2, and between T4 treatment and T2 treatment. High statistically significant differences (p <0.01) exist between T1 and T2 treatments. Based on the obtained results for the property average tree diameter from all three measurements, it was determined that the control and treatment T1 have the same average tree diameter of 3.5 mm, and the lowest was determined in the treatment T2, which tree diameter was 2.3 mm. Statistical analysis of data on this property showed highly significant differences (p <0.01) between control and treatment T1, control with T3 and control with T4, then treatment T1 with treatment T2, treatment T1 with T3 and treatment T1 with T4. Regarding the quality, the average number of leaves was determined to be 7.6 in the treatment T1, and the lowest value of 6.1 in the treatment T2. From the obtained data, there are statistically significant differences (p <0.05) between the control and T3, while statistically significant differences (p <0.01) there are between the control with T1, and the control with the treatment T4, also statistically significant differences (p <0.01) there is between T2 and T1, treatment T2 with T3 and between T2 and T4.

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Subjects: Agricultural Sciences > Agricultural biotechnology
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
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Date Deposited: 02 Sep 2022 09:52
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