Developing talented students’ linguistic abilities

Jovanovska, Sashka (2020) Developing talented students’ linguistic abilities. Conference proceedings/Second International scientific conference: Gifted and talented creators of the progress, 28 Oct 2020, Bitola. - Битола: Педагошки факултет.

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Developing talented students’ linguistic abilities through the study of literature in English gives a wide range of individual lexical or syntactic elements. Students are introduced to the many features of written language, reading, meaning and contextualization of text. They learn about syntax and sentence functions, about different possible structures, about different ways of connecting ideas, through which they develop and enrich their writing skills. Drama as a literary form is suitable for organizing drama activities and is undoubtedly important in the study of language. The fact that drama in education does not insist on bringing drama activities to the stage indicates the focus on the immediate experience of educational methods and innovative episodes, as opposed to being audiences. It is thought that by using this literary form in the classroom, students become knowledgeable in a sense-context that unambiguously changes the role of the teacher as well. This represents a teacher as: a facilitator, an instigator, and ultimately a classmate. Imagination in the educational benefits of drama promotes creative thinking and develops critical thinking skills. The dramatic text that will be used in this paper is going to develop the linguistic abilities of the talented students that discovers the development of language, enhances effective listening skills and enhances them by understanding and learning, but also by incorporating the senses as an integral part of the learning process. It also enhances the empathy and awareness of others, bring respect and group collaboration, reinforces positive self-concept and provides teachers with more interactive instruction.
Key words: drama, talented students, creativity, educatio

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