Establishment of agricultural research and information center at Goce Delcev University - Stip

Mitrev, Sasa (2008) Establishment of agricultural research and information center at Goce Delcev University - Stip. [Project]

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Providing advice/information on farming technologies and management and information about the processes of approximation of Macedonia to the EU (for donations, regulations, standards). Information will be available for large farms (commercial), as well as for public and private advisors working with small farms and other rural areas, which are also encountering problems in Macedonia's transition to the EU.
The partners in this whole process of giving/receiving services, involving the relevant local governments responsible for local economic development, will strive towards creating a general demonstrative system of applied research that would lead to specific recommendations based on the characteristics of each region.
In addition to this, the services of this center will contribute to building capacity to benefit from the programs of national character, and European development programs for rural areas.
The elaborated information will be placed by using the multimedia techniques developed within the University Information System. Partners/collaborators (public or private) will have access to this information, as well as to trainings that will contribute to the modernization of techniques and practices in the field of knowledge and skills.
The center will be unique with its functional structure and will be an independent organization within the University. It will have its functional structure and will operate as a separate unit within the University.
The center will unite university staff from different areas of interest, associates of existing services, governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are involved in agriculture, aiming to provide the ultimate beneficiaries of this center an easy, fast and simple access to the needed information, to make a link between research and application of knowledge in practice

Item Type: Project
Additional Information: Short description of the realized activities: - Purchase of equipment (information, communication ...) - Coordination of the Center’s potentials with the curricula of the respective faculties - A promotion of the Research and Information Center within UGD was conducted - A platform for e-DL was made - Informative materials of various nature were made - IPARD related informative materials were made
Subjects: Agricultural Sciences > Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
Depositing User: Marijana Kroteva
Date Deposited: 30 Nov 2012 15:05
Last Modified: 11 Dec 2012 09:33

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