History of Heutagogy as a self-determinate learning

Ilieva, Nikolovska, Anita and Grizev, Aleksandar and Iliev, Andrej (2019) History of Heutagogy as a self-determinate learning. In: International scientific conference, 12 Nov 2019, Skopje, Army House.

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The essence of Heutagogy is that in some learning situations, the focus should be on what and how the learner wants to learn, not on what is to be taught. This approach is very different from more formal and traditional way of ‘teaching’ people. In Heutagogy the educational process changes from being one in which the learned person (teacher, tutor, lecturer) pours information into the heads of learners to one in which the learner chooses what is to be learned and even how they might learn it. Represents a change from teacher-centered learning to learner-centered learning. Underpinned with assumptions of two key philosophies: humanism and constructivism. As mentioned above, the idea of the learner being central to the educational process is a humanistic concept. Originally, Andragogy as a precursor to Heutagogy, was identified with adult learning science, so many scientists firstly assumed that this would be updated case for Heutagogy. However, as time goes by it becomes clear that Heutagogy represents a scientific approach which should be available for learners of all ages. The purpose of this paper is to review research on the historical development of Heutagogy as a science and self-determinate learning and to make comparative analysis of Heutagogy with andragogy and pedagogy. As time goes by a lot of scientists conclude that web-based learning, new information technologies and long distance learning and education methods lend themselves very well to a Heutagogical approach.
Keywords: history, heutagogy, self-determined, learning, approaches

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