Injures for which first aid is needed in the school: can the teachers make the first aid?

Kamceva-Panova, Lidija and Kamceva, Gordana (2019) Injures for which first aid is needed in the school: can the teachers make the first aid? Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific Papers. ISSN 2545-4439

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First aid is the initial aid that is given to the sick and injured person at the site of the accident. It is a set of measures and procedures with which life is saved and prevents further deterioration of the health condition of the sick or injured person. Most often the first aid is given by persons who will found themselves at the place of the accident, and are not the healthcare workers. The timely given and proper first aid has a task: the life of the injured person to be preserved by removing the cause that can lead to death; to prevent possible complications; pain and fear to be reduced; to improve the general state of the injured; to transport the injured person to the adequate position with an appropriate motor vehicle to the first medical institutionThe school is a place where a lot of activities are performed, among which teaching, time for a break, games and socialization, becoming convenient place for accidents that happen. The injures at pre-school and school age are mostly due as a consequence of different falls during free games, excursions,outings, fights, physical and health education classes, when life threatening conditions appear,loss of consciousness,cessation of breathing and heartbeat, bleeding, shock, congestion, bone fractures, crushing, twisting, nagging, thermal injuries, injuries of parts of the body with a special treatment , different kinds of poisoning,bites by insects, appearance of allergies from various allergens e.t.c. Our goal was to determine the need for compulsory education of the teaching staff by organizing first aid courses.
Methods and materials: the questionnaire survey was composed of questions in order to see which are the most common injuries, illnesses and acute conditions that teachers meet during classes, the pause for the big break , and especially the physical and health education classes .Also, through the questionnaire we wanted to get data how many teacher can give first aid and if they need additional classes and training. It was conducted to the heads of lower and upper classes in the school ,, Goce Delchev” in Shtip and the satellite school in Tri Cheshmi.
Results and discussions: 21 teachers from the lower grade classes and17 teachers from the upper grade classeswere surveyed. According to the results that we obtained the teachers mostly encounter fractures of the limbs, nose bleed, head injury, stretched muscle injury (twisting) of the spinal wrist and palm fingers injury, as well as headache, epilepsy,diabetes. Of the total surveyed 38 head teachers of lower and upper classes, 27 said that they do not properly know to give first aid, and 11 said that they knew to give first aid. From all of them, 37 teachers said that they wanted to be trained for giving first aid, and only one didn’t want to be trained.
Conclusion: The results of the questionnaire survey confirmed our thesis that there is a need of educating teachers for giving first aid.The constant focus of the teachers on the good health of their students is possible only if they are educated for recognizing the basic symptoms of certain diseases and giving first aid in various acute conditions and injuries.
Keywords: teachers, first aid, injures

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