Denture hygiene among patients with complete dentures

Kocovski, Darko and Petrovski, Mihajlo and Papakoca, Kiro and Terzieva, Olivera and Zlatanovska, Katerina (2017) Denture hygiene among patients with complete dentures. Revista Romana de Medicina Dentara, 20 (1). pp. 41-51. ISSN 1841-6942

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Introduction: Rehabilitation treatment with dentures is successful only if wearers are motivated and aware of proper dentures use and hygiene. Poor hygiene on dentures has been reported a major problem in denture wearers which leads to higher plaque accumulation on the prosthesis surface
Aim: The aim of this study was to analyze the behavior and hygiene habits of denture wearers among the population in Bitola and determine the level of maintenance of hygiene to dentures.
Materials and methods: For realization of this survey adequate questionnaire for denture wearers was made, and clinical examination for determinate a plaque index was made. In the survey was included total number of 300 non-institutionalized denture wearers from Bitola. Questionnaire contains certain information like: age, gender, time of use of current dentures, method of cleaning, frequency of cleaning, habit of soaking dentures, cleaning of the oral cavity, nocturnal denture- wearing habit.
Results: All respondents answered that they have no difficulty in cleaning dentures and cleaned their dentures least once a day.Every respondent brush their dentures, 60% used only water while brushing their denture. Majority of them answered that they cleaned their dentures only.
Conclusion: Denture wears demonstrate unsatisfactory hygiene of prosthetic devices, as well as inadequate habits. It is therefore necessary to develop appropriate programs and training for the daily care to maintain adequate oral hygiene among this population.
Key words: edentulous, unsatisfactory hygiene, brushing, denture wearers, dentures clearing

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