Physical and chemical characteristics of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.), cultivar Karamustafa

Dimovska, Violeta and Ilieva, Fidanka and Kostadinovic Velickovska, Sanja and Mihajlov, Ljupco (2017) Physical and chemical characteristics of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.), cultivar Karamustafa. Journal of Agriculture and Plant Sciences, 15 (1/2). pp. 53-59. ISSN 2545-4455

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Pomegranate is well-adapted fruit species to arid and semi-arid conditions and highly valued crop widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Near Asia countries. The most important pomegranate cultivars in Macedonia are Bejnarija, Lifanka and Karamustafa. The objective of this study was to evaluated physical and chemical parameters of pomegranate cultivar Karamustafa, collected from two different location of R. Macedonia. The physical parameters including fruit fresh weight, percentage of grain (%), weight of 100 berries (g), percentage of juice (%). Cultivar "Karamustafa" (239.57- 304.79 g) belongs to a group large fruits. The yield juice ranged from 47.83 % (Valandovo) to 50.63 % (Josifovo). Based on the content of total acids (TA), cultivar Karamustafa belong to a group sweet cultivar (TA<1).
Based on the results we found significant differences in the weight of the fruit, the content of total acids and the content of total polyphenols in the juice.

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Subjects: Agricultural Sciences > Agricultural biotechnology
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
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Date Deposited: 23 Jan 2018 09:38
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