Similarities and differences between design and artwork

Despot, Katerina and Sandeva, Vaska (2017) Similarities and differences between design and artwork. The 12th International Conference on Virtual Learning Virtual Learning – Virtual Reality. ISSN 1844-8933

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The crowd of people very rarely makes a distinction between the concepts of art and design and is very common confusion and mixing them. Elite and avant-garde designers like, theorists, critics through practice and theory for years tend to bring together the various philosophers to the table through various interactive examples. Industrialization as the main culprit enables these two separate disciplines to get directions and to develop within its meaning. The design works in the field where it is happening everyday practice and commerce, unlike art which allowed greater experimentation with ideas. The design is a victim of the entertainment industry. He's seen and experienced by almost everyone throughout the day. The design is communication and function in visual form, designed for the general population or a segment. Designer addresses specified needs and solves problems. Art is elitist; it means that you can view in galleries and museums, displayed far from the mainstream of everyday experience. One who sees art may or may not have significant experience. Both disciplines are visual and belong to the broad categories of visual art. Both include aesthetic principles. Both are highly creative activities including processes that require time, observation and reflection.

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