Chaos as Art principle - Reason for Composition Imbalance

Sandeva, Vaska and Despot, Katerina and Veselinova, Tamara (2017) Chaos as Art principle - Reason for Composition Imbalance. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference On Virtual Learning . ISSN 1844-8933

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Art is a human activity, product or idea of that activity associated with the senses, emotions and intellect. Art is inherent in humans making them separate and different from the other living beings. This conception of art as an autonomous activity is as a product of artists who are looking for beauty, dates back to ancient times.The simplest definition of the term art is that it is a human creativity. Although today the term art commonly involves visual art, the concept of what art is has constantly changed over the centuries. Perhaps the most consistent definition is the most general one - the notion that art refers to all creative and artistic actions of man.As a product of visual arts, the artist creates a composition that is a work of art. Composition means combining elements and principles in making a creation.The principles of good design are tools that the artist uses to create an effective composition. Whether a design is weak or strong depends on the knowledge of the artist designer for principles, and his ability to apply them. Based on the layout, there may be several types of composition. But when the elements do not have a proper arrangement, it is a chaotic composition.

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