Groundwater quality in alluvial and prolluvial areas under the influence of irrigated agriculture activities

Kovacevik, Biljana and Boev, Blazo and Zajkova-Paneva, Vesna and Mitrev, Sasa (2016) Groundwater quality in alluvial and prolluvial areas under the influence of irrigated agriculture activities. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 51 (14). pp. 1197-1204. ISSN 1093-4529 (Print) 1532-4117 (Online)

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The aim of this study was to investigate the groundwater pollution from alluvial aquifers lying under surface
agriculture activities in two geologically different areas: alluvial and prolluvial. The groundwater in investigated areas is neutral to alkaline (pH 7.05–8.45), and the major dissolved ions are bicarbonate and calcium. Groundwater samples from the alluvial area are characterized by nitrate concentration above the national maximum concentration limit (MCL) at 20.5% of samples [mean value (Me) 6.31 mg/L], arsenic concentrations greater than national MCL at 35.6% of investigated samples (Me 12.12 mg/L) and elevated
concentrations of iron (Me 202.37 mg/L) and manganese (Me 355.22 mg/L) at 22.7% and 81% of investigated samples, respectively. Groundwater samples from the prolluvial area did not show significantly elevated concentrations of heavy metals, but the concentration of nitrate was considerably higher (Me 65.06 mg/L). Factor analysis positively correlates As with Mn and Fe, suggesting its natural origin. Nitrate was found in positive correlation with SO4
2¡ and Ni but in negative with NH4, suggesting its anthropogenic origin and the relationship of these ions in the process of denitrification. The t-test analysis showed a significant difference between nitrate pollution of groundwater from alluvial and prolluvial areas. According to the chemical composition of groundwater, the process of denitrification is considered to be the main reason for the reduced presence of nitrate in the groundwater lying under alluvial deposits represented by chalk and sandstones. Denitrification in groundwater lying under prolluvial deposits represented by magmatic and metamorphic rock formations was not observed.

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