The fate of the Jewish neighborhood in Stip after 11 March 1943

Josimovska, Verica and Josimovska, Elena (2015) The fate of the Jewish neighborhood in Stip after 11 March 1943. In: Евреите во Македонија, историја, традиција, култура, јазик и религија. Еврејска заедница во Република Македонија, Скопје, pp. 59-66. ISBN 978-608-65529-4-7

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Deportation of Jews from Stip 11 th of March year 1943 will be remembered in the history of this city as a very tragic events that followed the departure of the jewish people in a black trucks filled with people of all ages and sexes who will never returned back. And if the wanted to come back by any accident, they could return no where, as they homes did not existed enymore. The fate of the Jewish neighborhood in Stip after the departure of its inhabitants was so tragic that left deep traces in the memories of some local eyewitnesses Nothing was left behind . Destroyed to the ground, without a trace no windows left no doors left .Only thing in the present day is the location which testify only as mouth to mouth words in the collective memory of Stip.Relentless destruction of Jewish people's homes was nothing more but to hide the truth from the world. But even then and today we can not hide or forget the true . Besides mouth to mouth stories or those from Stip which all have seen with their own eyes, especially remained witnesses also left from this tragic event documents various historical archives photographs which very clearly you can see and read that had been taken away from the Jewish community from the city Stip. In various published for sale property of Jews the truth is still alive. The photos are also a great testimony of the events that occurred after deportation of the Jewish people. They have been recorded all stages of deleting the history behind which stands the great crime.
Keywords: jewish community in city Stip, confiscation, destruction of Jewish homes.

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