Pottery typology and the monochrome Neolithic phase in the Republic of Macedonia

Stojanovski, Darko and Nacev, Trajce and Arzarello, Marta (2014) Pottery typology and the monochrome Neolithic phase in the Republic of Macedonia. 28The Neolithic and Eneolithicin Southeast Europenew Approaches to Dating and Cultural Dynamics in the 6th to 4th Millennium BC, 28. pp. 9-19. ISSN 0723-1725

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The beginning of the Neolithic way of life in The Balkans is widely accepted as a multi-faceted and complicated process, imported, triggered or influenced from more than one external source. The variety of aspects resulted in lively debates. This paper intends to contribute by presenting typological profile of the pottery assemblage of Grnčarica (a Neolithic settlement in Macedonia); a profile which does not match the obtained 14C dates. Possible explanations are given and further reconsideration of the chronological frame of the Balkan Neolithic (established half a century ago) is suggested.

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