Free like Birds (?)

Kukubajska, Marija Emilija (2015) Free like Birds (?). [Performance]

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Intro to performance
7th International conference on Knowledge and power

FREE like BIRDS (?) is a project of the interdisciplinary and multi-media Art-Po concept established in 1973, and performed on variety of issues over the years. From the American children hospitals activity (Columbia University, to Asia-Pacific museum in Pasadena, Gallery Kubaiski No. Hollywood, California, the University of La Jolla Marmount, California Wignal Museum, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Vietnamese New Year, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, UMD global conference, Washington D.C., Crown Plaza Gallery and Branson Arts Council Earth Day performance at the US Army Corps of Engineers in Branson, the NOVA HS competition of Ecology of the soul, Skopje and Ohrid, the Yugoslav festival of young talents, Zajecar, The American College Thessaloniki, cooperation with AISM, and numerous others.
This performance at the beautiful resort of Bansko, Bulgaria, 2015, explores the visual and verbal understanding of birds as agents of change in our dangerous, complicated and clandestine as much as simple, serene and common sense reality, depicted within the common habitat of birds and people.
It integrates 12 texts written on the notion of birds, with 12 artworks made by students of the UGD Academy of Art, inspired by the same theme.
Dear viewers and friends of the arts and sciences, the slide show we are about to present, in the course of 45 minutes will hopefully open an analytical venue to your own interaction on these written and illustrated subjects. As a segment of our overall conference contribution to the human inventive attitude towards knowledge and life, welcome to this happening, accompanied by Edvard Grieg’s music inspired by Nordic folklore, and the issues of contrasted beauty and danger in nature.

Item Type: Performance
Subjects: Humanities > Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)
Humanities > Languages and literature
Humanities > Other humanities
Humanities > Philosophy, ethics and religion
Divisions: Faculty of Philology
Depositing User: Marija Kukubajska
Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2015 15:02
Last Modified: 14 Dec 2015 15:02

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