Powdery mildews (Microsphaera Diffusa) on Godji Beri (Lycium chinense) in the Republic of Macedonia

Karov, Ilija and Mitrev, Sasa and Kovacevik, Biljana and Arsov, Emilija (2014) Powdery mildews (Microsphaera Diffusa) on Godji Beri (Lycium chinense) in the Republic of Macedonia. Yearbook, Faculty of Agriculture, Goce Delcev University. ISSN 1857- 8608

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Goјi berry (Lycium chinense Mill) is a shrub from the family Solanaceae, which includes potatoes and tomatoes, and their main feature is the presence of the alkaloid solanine, which is removed by peeling and thermal processing. Goјi berry originates came from Southeast Asia and mostly grown in China. This culture grows from 1 to 3 meters height, the fruit is reddish in color, with
a length of 2 inches and contains 20 to 40 tiny seeds.
Studies of the importance of fruits goјi berry confirmed that they contain 18 amino acids that are essential for the body, 21 minerals, all main and secondary vitamins and other ingredients needed to build up the immune system that
are prerequisite healthy and long life of man. According to all these, features that this culture brings in medicine known as “RED DIAMONDS”. Bearing in mind the importance of culture as goji berry with many quality fruit, this
research gives special emphasis on the appearance of the powdery mildews (Microsphaera diffusa) in goji berry, monitoring during the development of the disease and laboratory diagnosis of the pathogen. This is the first study to highlight the importance of culture as goji berry
and problems that occur during its breeding in the Republic of Macedonia. Breeding goji berry on our territory is a newborn and deserves greater attention to the health condition, lest serious consequences occur in production.

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