Bionics in industrial design

Despot, Katerina and Sandeva, Vaska (2014) Bionics in industrial design. Journal of the Faculty of Technics and Technologies, 2 (3). pp. 309-316. ISSN 1314-8788 (print), 1314-8796 (online)

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The design represents the external appearance of a product or object. The design is what makes the product appealing, beautiful and desirable, and thus significantly affects the product sales and the increase in its commercial and artistic value. The industrial design of a certain product is consisted of three-dimensional and two-dimensional features of the product visible in its normal use. The three-dimensional features are the form and the lines of the product, and the two-dimensional are the patterns, lines, colours, texture and their combination. The basic conditions what a design should fulfil are individuality and uniqueness, and its features not only to meet the technical function but to have an artistic value as well.

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