The multiple travelling salesman problem and vehicle routing problem for different domestic drinks

Krstev, Dejan and Pop-Andonov, Goran and Krstev, Aleksandar and Dzidrov, Misko and Krstev, Boris and Pavlov, Sashe (2014) The multiple travelling salesman problem and vehicle routing problem for different domestic drinks. International Journal for Science, Technics and Innovations for the Industry MTM (Machines, Tecnologies, Materials), 22 (3). pp. 96-98. ISSN 1310 – 3946

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The MTSP is a generalization of the traveling salesman problem where there are multiple vehicles and a single depot. In this problem, instead of determining a route for a single vehicle, we wish to construct tours for all M vehicles. The characteristics of the tours are that they begin and end at the depot node. Solution procedures begin by “copying” the depot node M times. The problem is thus reduced to M single-vehicle TSPs, and it can be solved using either the nearest neighbor or Clark and Wright heuristics. The classic VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) expands the multiple traveling salesman problem to include different service requirements at each node and different capacities for vehicles in the fleet. The objective of these problems is to minimize total cost or distance across all routes. Examples of services that show the characteristics of vehicle routing problems include different Services deliveries, public transportation “pickups” for the handicapped, and the newspaper delivery problem etc.
In this paper will be present using of the principles of MTSP and VRP for optimal solution of vehicle routing for domestic energetic drinks and sparkling water in PET bottles in the different parts of the Republic of Macedonia

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