Music and movement

Nasev, Lence (2012) Music and movement. International Journal of Kinesiology and Other Related Sciences, 40 (1). pp. 101-105. ISSN 1857-7679

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Rhythm is one of the fundamental elements without which music would not exist. In plays with singing, a child learns to synchronize its movements with the rhythm of music from a very early age. The skill of movement plays a major role in the learning of music and thus deserves an important place in the school curriculum.
In this paper, an overview is made of the most important music pedagogues who introduced movement, and at the same time perceived its importance in learning musical contents.
The detailed review of the teaching content of Music and movement within the curriculum for preschool and school age in the Republic of Macedonia aims at recognizing the importance of the correlation between the music and physical education and its importance to the overall psychological development of children from the earliest age.

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Subjects: Humanities > Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)
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