Educational activity of Emanuel Chuchkov Before and after Second World War

Filov, Kire (2013) Educational activity of Emanuel Chuchkov Before and after Second World War. Teacher, International Јournal of Еducation, 5. pp. 69-75. ISSN 1857-8888

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Emanuel Chuchkov, Ph.D., is a Macedonian politician, socio-political activist, vicepresident of ASNOM, first minister from Macedonia in first post-war Yugoslavia, university professor. He was born in Stip on 14 of November 1901. His family had close connections with the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO). Chuchkov finished elementary and high school in his born town. He enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and after two years spend in Belgrade, he moved in new-opened University in Skopje. He graduated on faculty of geography, history, ethnology, ethnography and Slav philology in 1925. His educational career begins in Ohrid in 1926. After the Skopje student affair, in 1927, he was arrested as a member of Youth Macedonian secret revolutionary organization. In this trial he was released because there was a lack of evidence. But 11 members of the organization were sentenced. For the Serbian authorities he was suspicion, there for they send him as a high school teacher in Svilajnac. Until the Bulgarian occupation he was out of Macedonia. He formed his family out of Macedonia. After the Bulgarian occupation, Chuchkov, as a member of YMSRO, was hired by the Bulgarian educational authorities, first, as a high school teacher, and later as a director of Prilep and Skopje gymnasium. His obligations as teacher and director Chuchkov performed according the laws. In 1943, Chuchkov joined the Action National committee of the liberation front. In 1944 he go out in partisans. The same year, he became vice-president of ASNOM. In new formed Ministry of Federal Units, in February 1945, Emanuel Chuchkov was the first minister from Macedonia in post-war Yugoslavia government. This function he held until March 1946, when he return in Skopje, and became director of National assembly ― Tanec. Later he became professor of Skopje University, faculty of economics, after he defend his doctor thesis. He died as a dean of Faculty of economy, on 1 of September 1967, in Belgrade.

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