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Bastard, Paul and Gervais, Adrian and Taniguchi, Maki and Saare, Liisa and Särekannu, Karita and Le Voyer, Tom and Philippot, Quentin and Rosain, Jérémie and Bizien, Lucy and Asano, Takaki and Garcia-Prat, Marina and Parra-Martínez, Alba and Migaud, Mélanie and Tsumura, Miyuki and Conti, Francesca and Belot, Alexandre and Rivière, Jacques G. and Morio, Tomohiro and Tanaka, Junko and Javouhey, Etienne and Haerynck, Filomeen and Duvlis, Sotirija and Ozcelik, Tayfun and Keles, Sevgi and Tandjaoui-Lambiotte, Yacine and Escoda, Simon and Husain, Maya and Pan-Hammarström, Qiang and Hammarström, Lennart and Ahlijah, Gloria and Abi Haidar, Anthony and Soudee, Camille and Arseguel, Vincent and Abolhassani, Hassan and Sahanic, Sabina and Tancevski, Ivan and Nukui, Yoko and Hayakawa, Seiichi and Chrousos, George P. and Michos, Athanasios and Tatsi, Elizabeth-Barbara and Filippatos, Filippos and Rodriguez-Palmero, Agusti and Troya, Jesus and Tipu, Imran and Meyts, Isabelle and Roussel, Lucie and Ostrowski, Sisse Rye and Schidlowski, Laire and Prando, Carolina and Condino-Neto, Antonio and Cheikh, Nathalie and Bousfiha, Ahmed A. and El Bakkouri, Jalila and Aguilera-Albesa, Sergio and AlKhater, Suzan A. and Alkan, Gulsum and Castagnoli, Riccardo and Cyrus, Cyril and Elmas Bozdemir, Sefika and Emiroglu, Melike and Gulhan, Belgin and Erdeniz, Emine Hafize and Hatipoglu, Nevin and Bayhan, Gülsün Iclal and Jabandziev, Petr and Kanik Yuksek, Saliha and Karbuz, Adem and Tüter Öz, Şadiye Kübra and Marseglia, Gian Luigi and Metin Akcan, Ozge and Kılıç, Ahmet Osman and Ozkaya Parlakay, Aslinur and Papadaki, Maria and Slaba, Katerina and Sevketoglu, Esra and Valencia-Ramos, Juan and Yahşi, Aysun and Aguilera Guirao, Antonio and Álvarez Escudero, Julián and Antela López, Antonio and Barbeito Castiñeiras, Gema and Bello Paderne, Xabier and Ben García, Miriam and Carral García, María Victoria and Cebey López, Miriam and Coira Nieto, Amparo and Conde Pájaro, Mónica and Costa Alcalde, José Javier and Currás Tuala, María José and Dacosta Urbieta, Ana Isabel and Díaz Esteban, Blanca and Domínguez Santalla, María Jesús and Fernández Pérez, Cristina and Fernández Villaverde, Juan and Galbán Rodríguez, Cristóbal and García Allut, José Luis and García Vicente, Luisa and Giráldez Vázquez, Elena and Gómez Carballa, Alberto and Gómez Rial, José and González Barcala, Francisco Javier and Guerra Liñares, Beatriz and Leboráns Iglesias, Pilar and Lence Massa, Beatriz and Lendoiro Fuentes, Marta and López Franco, Montserrat and López Lago, Ana and Martinón-Torres, Federico and Salas, Antonio and Navarro De la Cruz, Daniel and Núñez Masid, Eloína and Ortolá Devesa, Juan Bautista and Pardo Seco, Jacobo and Pazo Núñez, María and Pérez del Molino Bernal, Marisa and Pérez Freixo, Hugo and Piñeiro Rodríguez, Lidia and Pischedda, Sara and Portela Romero, Manuel and Pose Reino, Antonio and Prada Hervella, Gloria María and Queiro Verdes, Teresa and Redondo Collazo, Lorenzo and Regueiro Casuso, Patricia and Rey García, Susana and Rey Vázquez, Sara and Riveiro Blanco, Vanessa and Rivero Calle, Irene and Rivero Velasco, Carmen and Rodríguez Núñez, Nuria and Rodríguez-Tenreiro Sánchez, Carmen and Saborido Paz, Eva and Sadiki Orayyou, José Miguel and Saito Villanueva, Carla and Serén Fernández, Sonia and Souto Sanmartín, Pablo and Taboada Muñiz, Manuel and Trastoy Pena, Rocío and Treviño Castellano, Mercedes and Valdés Cuadrado, Luis and Varela García, Pablo and Vilas Iglesias, María Soledad and Viz Lasheras, Sandra and Ferreiro-Iglesias, Rocio and Bastón-Rey, Iria and Calviño-Suárez, Cristina and Abel, Laurent and Aiuti, Alessandro and Al-Muhsen, Saleh and Al-Mulla, Fahd and Amara, Ali and Anderson, Mark S. and Andreakos, Evangelos and Arias, Andrés A. and Arkin, Lisa M. and Baris Feldman, Hagit and Bastard, Paul and Belot, Alexandre and Biggs, Catherine M. and Bogunovic, Dusan and Bolze, Alexandre and Bondarenko, Anastasiia and Bousfiha, Ahmed A. and Brodin, Petter and Bryceson, Yenan and Butte, Manish J. and Casanova, Jean-Laurent and Casari, Giorgio and Christodoulou, John and Cobat, Aurélie and Colobran, Roger and Condino-Neto, Antonio and Constantinescu, Stefan N. and Cooper, Megan A. and Dalgard, Clifton L. and Desai, Murkesh and Drolet, Beth A. and Duval, Xavier and El Baghdadi, Jamila and Eloy, Philippine and Espinosa-Padilla, Sara and Fellay, Jacques and Flores, Carlos and Franco, José Luis and Froidure, Antoine and Gorochov, Guy and Gregersen, Peter K. and Grimbacher, Bodo and Haerynck, Filomeen and Hagin, David and Halwani, Rabih and Hammarström, Lennart and Heath, James R. and Hsieh, Elena W.Y. and Husebye, Eystein and Imai, Kohsuke and Itan, Yuval and Jarvis, Erich D. and Jouanguy, Emmanuelle and Kaja, Elżbieta and Karamitros, Timokratis and Kisand, Kai and Ku, Cheng-Lung and Lau, Yu-Lung and Ling, Yun and Lucas, Carrie L. and Mansouri, Davood and Maródi, László and Mentré, France and Meyts, Isabelle and Milner, Joshua D. and Mironska, Kristina and Mogensen, Trine H. and Morio, Tomohiro and Ng, Lisa F.P. and Notarangelo, Luigi D. and Novelli, Antonio and Novelli, Giuseppe and O’Farrelly, Cliona and Okada, Satoshi and Okamoto, Keisuke and Ozcelik, Tayfun and Pan-Hammarström, Qiang and Pape, Jean W. and Perez de Diego, Rebeca and Perez-Tur, Jordi and Perlin, David S. and Pesole, Graziano and Planas, Anna M. and Prando, Carolina and Pujol, Aurora and Puel, Anne and Quintana-Murci, Lluis and Ramaswamy, Sathishkumar and Renia, Laurent and Resnick, Igor and Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos and Sancho-Shimizu, Vanessa and Sediva, Anna and Seppänen, Mikko R.J. and Shahrooei, Mohammed and Shcherbina, Anna and Slaby, Ondrej and Snow, Andrew L. and Soler-Palacín, Pere and Soumelis, Vassili and Spaan, András N. and Su, Helen C. and Tancevski, Ivan and Tangye, Stuart G. and Abou Tayoun, Ahmad and Temel, Şehime Gülsün and Thorball, Christian and Tiberghien, Pierre and Trouillet-Assant, Sophie and Turvey, Stuart E. and Furkan Uddin, K.M. and Uddin, Mohammed J. and van de Beek, Diederik and Vinh, Donald C. and von Bernuth, Horst and Wauters, Joost and Zatz, Mayana and Zawadzki, Pawel and Zhang, Qian and Zhang, Shen-Ying and Peterson, Pärt and Pujol, Aurora and Lévy, Romain and Quartier, Pierre and Vinh, Donald C. and Boisson, Bertrand and Béziat, Vivien and Zhang, Shen-Ying and Borghesi, Alessandro and Pession, Andrea and Andreakos, Evangelos and Marr, Nico and Mentis, Alexios-Fotios A. and Mogensen, Trine H. and Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos and Soler-Palacin, Pere and Colobran, Roger and Tillmann, Vallo and Neven, Bénédicte and Trouillet-Assant, Sophie and Brodin, Petter and Abel, Laurent and Jouanguy, Emmanuelle and Zhang, Qian and Martinón-Torres, Federico and Salas, Antonio and Gómez-Carballa, Alberto and Gonzalez-Granado, Luis I. and Kisand, Kai and Okada, Satoshi and Puel, Anne and Cobat, Aurélie and Casanova, Jean-Laurent (2024) Higher COVID-19 pneumonia risk associated with anti-IFN-α than with anti-IFN-ω auto-Abs in children. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 221 (2). ISSN 0022-1007

Bastard, Paul and Vazquez, Sara and Liu, Jamin and Laurie, Matthew T and Wang, Chung Yu and Gervais, Adrian and Le Voyer, Tom and Bizien, Lucy and Zamecnik, Colin and Philippot, Quentin and Rosain, Jérémie and Catherinot, Emilie and Willmore, Andrew and Mitchell, Anthea M and Bair, Rebecca and Garçon, Pierre and Kenney, Heather and Fekkar, Arnaud and Salagianni, Maria and Poulakou, Garyphallia and Siouti, Eleni and Sahanic, Sabina and Tancevski, Ivan and Weiss, Günter and Nagl, Laurenz and Manry, Jérémy and Duvlis, Sotirija and Arroyo-Sánchez, Daniel and Paz Artal, Estela and Rubio, Luis and Perani, Cristiano and Bezzi, Michela and Sottini, Alessandra and Quaresima, Virginia and Roussel, Lucie and Vinh, Donald C and Reyes, Luis Felipe and Garzaro, Margaux and Hatipoglu, Nevin and Boutboul, David and Tandjaoui-Lambiotte, Yacine and Borghesi, Alessandro and Aliberti, Anna and Cassaniti, Irene and Venet, Fabienne and Monneret, Guillaume and Halwani, Rabih and Sharif-Askari, Narjes Saheb and Danielson, Jeffrey and Burrel, Sonia and Morbieu, Caroline and Stepanovskyy, Yurii and Bondarenko, Anastasia and Volokha, Alla and Boyarchuk, Oksana and Gagro, Alenka and Neuville, Mathilde and Neven, Bénédicte and Keles, Sevgi and Hernu, Romain and Bal, Antonin and Novelli, Antonio and Novelli, Giuseppe and Saker, Kahina and Ailioaie, Oana and Antolí, Arnau and Jeziorski, Eric and Rocamora-Blanch, Gemma and Teixeira, Carla and Delaunay, Clarisse and Lhuillier, Marine and Le Turnier, Paul and Zhang, Yu and Mahevas, Matthieu and Pan-Hammarström, Qiang and Abolhassani, Hassan and Bompoil, Thierry and Dorgham, Karim and Gorochov, Guy and Laouenan, Cédric and Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos and Ng, Lisa F P and Renia, Laurent and Pujol, Aurora and Belot, Alexandre and Raffi, François and Allende, Luis M and Martinez-Picado, Javier and Ozcelik, Tayfun and Keles, Sevgi and Imberti, Luisa and Notarangelo, Luigi D and Troya, Jesus and Solanich, Xavier and Zhang, Shen-Ying and Puel, Anne and Wilson, Michael R and Trouillet-Assant, Sophie and Abel, Laurent and Jouanguy, Emmanuelle and Ye, Chun Jimmie and Cobat, Aurélie and Thompson, Leslie M and Andreakos, Evangelos and Zhang, Qian and Anderson, Mark S and Casanova, Jean-Laurent and DeRisi, Joseph L (2022) Vaccine breakthrough hypoxemic COVID-19 pneumonia in patients with auto-Abs neutralizing type I IFNs. Science immunology. eabp8966. ISSN 2470-9468

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