Acute phase of healing - laser assisted pocket debridement versus convention hand instrumentation

Minovska, Ana (2013) Acute phase of healing - laser assisted pocket debridement versus convention hand instrumentation. In: International Symposium for Advaced Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Nov 2013, Gwangju, Korea.

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Essentially, the no-surgical periodontal treatment is accomplished with pocket debridement which can be carryout either with conventional, mechanical or, since recently, with laser treatment. In periodontal pocket therapy, laser devices can not only ablate the diseased tissues and decontaminate and detoxify the pockets and root surfaces but also can stimulate or activate the surrounding gingival and bone tissues. It has been suggested that the erbium laser wavelengths present the broadest range of application for clinical dentistry and are likely the most suitable lasers for periodontal therapy. Today, “all tissue laser” the ER: YAG high-power laser is widely performed for ablation of periodontal disease tissues partly expecting a simultaneous low reactive-level laser effect in the surrounding tissues.
The concept of laser assisted therapeutic approach, using low-level Er:YAG irradiation , should be to facilitate or promote the normality of tissue repair, and thereby enhance the sequence of events that take the tissues from their injured to their ‘normal’ state.
Since no studies have reported the effect of low intensity level Er:YAG irradiation on acute phase of healing, after pocket therapy, the objectives of the present study was to provide an histomorphometric analysis of acute phase of wound healing following laser assisted pocked debridement compared to conventional hand instrumentation scrutinizing the inflammatory cells and healing picture within 3 days.

Kay words: ER:YAG laser , laser assisted pocked debridement, no-surgical periodontal treatment, wound healing.

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