The Problem of Child Trafficking Enriched with Its Newest Purpose - Establishing Illegal Adoption

Ivanova, Elena (2013) The Problem of Child Trafficking Enriched with Its Newest Purpose - Establishing Illegal Adoption. Balkan Social Science Review, 2. pp. 25-47. ISSN 1857- 8772

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The emergence of new ways of committing the crime of human trafficking have increased the prevelance and variety of this crime so that it has become necessary to establish a separate incrimination of the crime, to enable its detailed and comprehensive regulation. Trading with people not only means simple exploitation or the simple (ab)use of their services. It means much more than that. It has developed into a game with human destinies and it involves the whole life of a human. Situations become alarming when a child’s life is put into the center of the crime. More and more often, internationally speaking, children are declared as missing who either are found dead or are not found at all. Their innocence and naivety is used to more easily approach to them and take them away. Children are used around the world for begging, labor exploitation, sexual exploitation, and even as camel – riders in the United Arab Emirates. In addition their organs and tissues are sometimes harvested and they are used for medical experiments, so their life ends tragically.
Trading children so that they are taken from their place of belonging for illegal and unlawful adoption, is a crime which is becoming more and more interesting for the perpetrators because of the enormous profits. It is a painful reality for the biological parents as well, and a new direction for the crime of human trafficking on a global scale. It is regulated often as child trafficking or trafficking in humans in general, but its impact requires separate regulation and treatment. Objectifying a child's life by making it a commercial entity greatly harms the child.

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