Ecotourism contemporary type of tourism

Calkov, Petranka and Angelkova, Tanja (2013) Ecotourism contemporary type of tourism. First International Conference Mediterranean Tourism - MT-2013, 14-15 June 2013, Nis, Serbia.

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Tourism at the end of the previous century has become part of the world's largest economy, and Eco-tourism one of the fastest growing sectors. Eco-tourism is based on the controlled use of natural and cultural elements of the environment. This trend, known as ecotourism, promotes socially responsible travel and environmental sustainability. Aims to provide a better understanding of the interrelation ships between tourism and the environment and to contribute to achieving a symbiotic relationship. Ecotourism is used simply to identify the form of tourism where the motivation of visitors and vendors argument depends on the observation of nature. This sector of the market is called "nature tourism". True ecotourism requires an active approach in order to mitigate the negative repercussions and favors positive impacts of nature tourism. Ecotourism is a new kind of tourism, modern, with a great perspective and is an important branch in the hospitality industry. He creates and quickly developed as an alternative to mass tourism. Is based on the responsible use of nature and used as an instrument for achieving sustainable development. Always take care to guide and accommodation to small groups of tourists to natural areas with integrated educational programs and close cooperation with the local population.

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