Primena informatiĉko-komunikacijske tehnologije u obrazovnim institucijama u Makedoniji

Ulanska, Tatjana and Prodanovska, Vesna (2009) Primena informatiĉko-komunikacijske tehnologije u obrazovnim institucijama u Makedoniji. Tehnologija informatika obrazovanje za društvo uĉenja i znanja, I (5). pp. 185-191. ISSN 978-86-7447-083-1 (IPI)

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In this paper the educational system in Macedonia which is based on the ground rule and principle for equal conditions and treatment for all pupils and students in both primary and secondary education is discussed; students with different ability, motivation and dedication. This paper presents the results of the realized secondary school teachers‟ training in Macedonia, in the field of „Application of Information and Communication Technology in the teaching process‟, as part of the project – e-school. mk. Different results and marks on a particular curriculum item have been received between traditionally performed teaching, and a lesson or an assignment done using methods involving „problem solving‟ through group work and role play. The achieved results of the different types of involved learners are presented when permitted to do the role of their ability (researcher, organizer, presenter, etc.). The research has been done both in secondary schools during the English language subject lessons (group work), and at the Faculty of Philology with a group of students from the Department of English language and literature (individual work). The projects and the assignments are: power point presentation, use of graphics, topic relevant information or documentaries from the Internet, English language magazines, etc.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Educational system / information communication technology / problem solving method
Subjects: Humanities > Languages and literature
Divisions: Faculty of Philology
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Date Deposited: 10 Sep 2013 08:40
Last Modified: 12 Feb 2016 10:09

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