Implementing teamwork for quality in agribusiness

Sofijanova, Elenica and Kuzelov, Aco and Fotov, Risto and Catleska, Vesna (2013) Implementing teamwork for quality in agribusiness. International scientific on-line journal "Science & Technologies", 3 (6). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1314-4111

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The idea of introducing problem-solving groups, quality circles of quality improvement teams of the makes its way into an organization through the awareness of successful results in other organization or companies. There is no fixed methodology for starting a teamwork programme, but there are certain key points which must be considered. The concept should be presented to (or come from) management and supervision and their commitment and support enlisted. It should be possible at this stage to engage the interest and support of potential team leaders. Projects should be started slowly and on a small scale. Ideally a pilot scheme, involving the most enthusiastic candidates and areas, should be launched. Early teething troubles, doubts and worries may then be identified and resolved. Selected or volunteer team or circle leaders must be trained in all aspects of group leadership and the appropriate techniques and they should be subsequently involved in the training of team members in techniques required in effective problem solving. The techniques of statistical process control (SPC) should be introduced, particularly charting and Pareto analysis. These concepts lay the groundwork for analyzing problems in a systematic fashion, and show that the majority of the problems are concentrated into a few areas.
Key words: implementing teamwork, TQM in agribusiness, making a profit, quality policy, top management

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