Commitment to quality in agribusiness

Sofijanova, Elenica and Dimovska, Violeta and Catleska, Vesna and Spirovska, Maja (2013) Commitment to quality in agribusiness. International Scientific on-line Journal "Science & Technologies", 3 (6). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1314-4111

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A sound quality policy, together with the organization and facilities to put it into effect, is a fundamental requirement, if an organization is to begin to implement TQM in agribusiness. For an organization to be truly effective, each part of it must work properly together, recognizing that every person and every activity affects, and in turn is affected by, others. Every organization should develop and state its policy on quality, together with arrangements for its implementation. The contents of the policy should be made known to all employees. The preparation and implementation of a properly thought out quality policy, together with continuous monitoring, makes for smoother production or operation, minimizes errors and reduces waste in agribusiness. Management must be dedicated to the ongoing improvement of quality, not simply a one – step improvement to an acceptable plateau. These ideas must be set out in a quality policy which requires top management to establish an ‘organization’ for quality, identify the customer’s needs and perception of needs, assess the ability of the organization to meet these needs economically.
Key words: commitment, TQM in agribusiness, making a profit, quality policy, top management

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