Mental health: Emotional literacy prevention program

Miloseva, Lence and Milosev, Vladimir (2009) Mental health: Emotional literacy prevention program. In: IV th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, 18-22 Aug 2009, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Background: The main aim of this paper is to present systematic framework and set of creative instructional activities that enhance students’ social, emotional, and academic learning in order to prevent mental health disorders.
It presents results of our one year experience with implementation of a six step program (based on Marvin Maurer & Marc A.Brackett’s program, 2004 ).Positive developmental psychology approach and background was used.
Methods: Based on A Six Step Program (M.Maurer & M.A. Brackett, 2004) , we modify and create Emotional Literacy Program for primary school. During one academic year we implement this program in six classes in one primary school in Stip. One hundred and seventy, seventh grade’s children , at the age of 13-14 years, were involved in this study.
These are 6 module constitute part of the program:
M1: Introduction of Feeling Words
M2: Designs and Personified Explanation
M3: Real World Associations (RWA)
M4: Personal/Family Associations (PFA)
M5: Classroom Discussions
M6: Creative Writing Assignments
Results & Conclusions:
Emotional Literacy in the primary school is a team designed, field-tested curriculum that enhances social and emotional learning and could be very effective in the frame of mental health. It should be a six steps� program which can do so much at one time, be used as a preventative tool against the increasing level of violence, abusing, mental health problems and be integrated across the curriculum to enhance both intellectual and emotional growth.
Through implementation of this kind of programs, teachers will find that many of their concerns about mental health and prevention will be more effective. This emotional literacy program should be creative way of teaching healthy social and emotional responses within primary school core curricula.
Key words: mental health; emotional literacy; children ; development; school.

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