A new challenge: Model of positive health and clinical psychology

Miloseva, Lence and Milosev, Vladimir (2009) A new challenge: Model of positive health and clinical psychology. Health&Psychology, 24 (1). pp. 71-419. ISSN 00887-0446/ 1476-8321 (online)

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The main aim of this paper is to present a new model and approach in Health and Clinical practice – Applied Positive Psychology. Through discussion about the roots of Positive Psychology and interest in what is good about humans and their lives and in optimal human functioning we will try to introduce a new model of Positive Health and Clinical Psychology. From Aristotle’s treatises on eudemonia, through Aquinas’ writings about virtue during the Renaissance, to the inquires of modern psychology-whether in the guise of humanistic psychology or positive psychology-interest in the human potentional for fulfillment has always existed. Applied positive psychology is the application of positive psychology research to the facilitation of optimal functioning.
Positive psychology has been a highly generative initiative, both in its implications for basic theory and laboratory research and in its implications for practice. These are research questions of profound value, since they offer insights into the fundamentals of human nature as viewed from a positive psychological perspective.
Key words: positive psychology; clinical psychology; health psychology; psychotherapy.

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