Exposure and Criticizm of the Teaching of Jehova’s Witnesses

Jovcevska, Vesna (2011) Exposure and Criticizm of the Teaching of Jehova’s Witnesses. Other thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.

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Jehova’s Witnesses are a religious community with about 6 to 7 million members worldwide. Founded in the 19th century bu Charles Russell. It originated from the wing of Protestantism, and many other religious communities before and after them.
The central belief of Jehova’s Witnesses is that Jehovas God will soon establish a just and perfect world on Earth. Righteous dead will be resurrected and will live forever. Satan and the unbelievers will disappear.
Learning is a mixture of Judaism with christian touch. Christ is regarded as the Son of God , but only a man, The Holy Spirit is not a person but God’s active force, and only Jehovah is the only true God. They reject the Holy Secrets, and accept only baptism and the Eucharist but not as sacraments, but only in memory.
Holidays do not respect becouse they considered pagan, as well as celebration of birthdays. Only annualy celebrate Memorial of Christ’s death as a sign of remembrance. They believe that Jesus’ death allowed eternial life to those who demonstrate faith.
Supreme authority is leading body consisting of experienced officers. They oversee work of smaller administrative units – assemblies. They are head chaplain who cares about the needs of its members, and helping servants – assistants.
They are known for their aggressive and tireless preaching and the promotion of their faith, which goes even to our private homes. They comprise all their members, following the example of Christ’s disciple.
Jehova’s Witnesses use the Bible, but they use only their translations of The Bible, known as the “NEW WORLD”. This translation is inaccurate and is not accepted by the recognized theologians and experts in the Holy Scriptures.
However, uninformed, superficial knowledge and spiritual deprivation is the reason why this religious group manages to excommunicated the people from the wing of the Ortodox Church offering an instant solution to all their problems. It is required that religious education and timely processing of the real problems encountered Ortodox man nowadays, so timely and powerful to act against all sectarian and strange teachings for us.

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