Development of Social Mediation and Emotional Regulation in Virtual Learning Environment Research

Lehtonen, Miika and Page, Tom and Miloseva, Lence and Thorsteinsson, Gisli (2008) Development of Social Mediation and Emotional Regulation in Virtual Learning Environment Research. Journal on Educational Psychology, 2 (1). pp. 44-58. ISSN 0973-8827Print/ 2230-7141Online

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This paper puts forward a series of theoretical underpinnings and design considerations for embodying emotional and aesthetic aspects of virtual (reality) learning environments (VLEs) in support of ubiquitous teaching, studying and learning. The authors assert that a VLE should be considered an interactive and sensation-producing affordances and instruments, as well as a mediator of communication and learning. Furthermore, a VLE should be valued as a tool for emotional and socio-structural mediation, as well as for the psycho-social regulation and control over the communication situation that the environment makes possible by allowing users to regulate psycho-social distances.
Researchers in studying and learning have too often neglected emotional and aesthetic factors, especially in the context of network-based learning environments. These factors are examined here in terms of seven levels of observation forming a continuum from the individual subconscious/conscious interpersonal level to the social, cultural, cross- and transcultural levels. The continuum is mapped onto learning architectures, offering a greater understanding of their value as starting points and design considerations for VLEs in regulating learning. The most critical issue is to take into account the users — the human individual(s) — and the social nature(s) of using the technologies involved.

Key words: Emotions, Virtual reality Learning Environments, Network-based Learning.

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