Management in the Business Associations of Capital

Belovski, Vojo (2000) Management in the Business Associations of Capital. PhD thesis, Универзитет “Св. Кирил И Методиј” - Скопје.

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The way and efficiency of the management function in the associations of capital in the Republic of Macedonia depend on the function of the Rule of the Law in a state, and the existence of a real market economy. That provides and guarantees equal market conditions for all legal subjects, something that is similar in the developed countries with traditionally long market orientation.

For successful function of the management in the Republic of Macedonia convenient organizational forms are necessary, i.e. forms of Business Associations.

Taking into consideration the way of the transformation, i.e. the privatization of the social enterprises and the usurped management rights, by top managers and traditional management system, it is very realistic to expect higher tensions between the labor and the capital, or the management. In the case of the employees this will cause indifference for the organizational structure, work effectiveness, productivity and profit increase, and will be followed by absence of loyalty for Capital Associations.

The subject of investigation, analyze, observation and elaboration will be: Joined Stock Company and Limited Liability Company as forms of Capital Associations, first of all from the aspect of legal and internal regulation, and the compatibility of such regulation with the management functions in the market economy. The management functions in that Associations in the Republic of Macedonia will be put in the investigation focus, versus the management function in the countries with long market-oriented tradition and experience. A part of the investigation subject in the labor process is recognition and definition of the management functions in the market economy and the shapes of their manifestation in the Republic of Macedonia, in the post transition period.

Making analyze of the relations within the capital associations it is not possible to use the means and the methods of natural sciences reagents, (neither a microscope nor any chemical reagents, x-rays or something similar can be used). The application of investigation techniques, used by the social sciences, is limited. This is the reason why this scientific work author will primarily use the power of the abstraction.

This work author’s basic motto is “What is useful to know from the area of management in the Business Capital Associations”.

If the management means knowledge than, there is not any progress without knowledge and, there is not knowledge without permanent learning. Managers, especially top ones, should possess universal knowledge, educate and upgrade themselves by using common sense and experience.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
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Divisions: Faculty of Law
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