Multimedia performances for pragmatic tourism

Dimitrov, Nikola and Kolevska, Natasha (2013) Multimedia performances for pragmatic tourism. 1-th International Conference of Cultural Heritage, Media and Tourism - Ohrid,18-19 Jan 2013. pp. 241-251.

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The impact of audiovisual and digital techniques are becoming main resources in everyday life, and interdisciplinary transformation of tourism promotion and animation is already applied in the modern tourism. Tourism offers and services should be complete, current, and qualitative through all phases of the planning process, starting from preparation to implementation. The modern tourist offer of services involves production of multivalorized natural, anthropogenic, communicative and receptive values of a particular facility or geographic area as a tourist destination target. The tourist or client should experience complete "tour - re tour", or as stated in the toursm "I came, saw, took, in order to come back again", through all the stages, from the preparation of the travel, the stay, up to the departure.
Tourism, in near future, or the tourist dialectical development in order to be completely realized, it must pass through the so called tourist triad from audiovisual or real, to virtual or imagined, to virtuous or perfect. In that case, an ecstasy of admiration, enhancement, prowes, joy, pleasure, excitement, success and happiness.
In order to experience the previously mentioned states, arrangement from professionals, tourist managers and animators from various areas is of great importance. These people perfectly will be preparing various audiovisual, virtual and virtuous multimedia animations and presentations of numerous content performances in natural environment and closed space through mediums and various digital devices. The primary goal will be the promotion, animation, and development of masterful, profitable, qualitative, practical, and pragmatic tourism.
Summering, the various programmed audiovisual compilations, presentations, and performances in real nature, anthropogenic, communicative, and receptive area must include virtual and virtuous contents of various multimedia performances of promotion, reproduction, reconstruction and revitalization. All of these events are intended for the main subject or the tourist, and as a secondary are the professional tourist animators as known as tourist guides, artists, animators, statists, live models and others who are professionally hired for realization of the tourist mission.
This development and application of the modern media and digitization in all areas of social life involves practise of perfectly profitable, qualitative, and pragmatic tourism. The tourism which exercises valorized travel, recreation, leisure, education, and entertainment, over the principle of protection and sustainability of the natural environment

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