Impact of the centralized procurement on the medicines prices - (example with oncology products in Bulgaria and Macedonia)

Angelovska, Bistra and Ivanova, Simona and Benisheva - Dimitrova, Tatjana and Todorov, Todor and Petrova, Guenka (2005) Impact of the centralized procurement on the medicines prices - (example with oncology products in Bulgaria and Macedonia). Macedonian pharmaceutical bulletin. ISSN 1409 - 8695

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Analyzing the health economic results of the centralized procurement is important for critical assessment of the level of achievment of health goals during the tender process. OBJECTIVE : To compare the procurement legislation and its impact on the prices and quantities of procured medicines in the public sector. METHODS: legislation analysis of both procurement laws and regulations for medicines supply issued during 1997 - 2003. Calculation of price and quantities indexes of procured oncology medicines via centralized tenders for the period 2000 - 2003. RESULTS : The tenders are organized in Macedonia by the Health insurance fund for all levels of health care and all medicines included in the procurament list while in Bulgaria Ministry of health is organizing a central drug procurament for 121 INN life - saving and expensive medicines dispensed via specialized clinics. Changes in the price and quantity indexes for oncology products in Bulgaria shows increase in quantity index till 4.07, value index till 3.03 and average price index till 0.72 for the period 2000-2003. Because of the smaller number of procured oncology medicines in Macedonia the average waged price is 3.5 higher than in Bulgaria. It means that the tender in Bulgaria acheives lower prices. CONCLUSION: Different legislation and economic cicumstances in both countries as well different organization of tenders lead to different results. Prices of oncology products in Bulgaria are lower but the quantities vary significantly among the years.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: pharmaceutical procurement, drug pricing, reimbursment policy, centralized supply
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