State of knowledge for the ongoing indoor radon survey in Serbian schools: part 2 results and mapping

Zunic, Zora S. and Carpentieri, Carmela and Stojanovska, Zdenka and Antignani, Sara and Veselinovic, Nenad and Carelli, Vinicio and Cordedda, Carlo and Cuknic, Olivera and Bossew, Peter and Tollefsen, Tore and Filipovic, Jelena and Nadjdjerdj, L. and Bochicchio, Francesco (2012) State of knowledge for the ongoing indoor radon survey in Serbian schools: part 2 results and mapping. In: First Eastern European Radon Symposium, September 2-5, 2012, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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The goals of the previous research project (2006-2010) and current one (2011-2014), funded by the Serbian Ministry of Science, now Ministry of Education and Science, is the systematic indoor radon survey in elementary schools of Serbia. This survey has been under way since 2008 through an international collaboration, involving so far 340 schools in 13 communities within two districts of South Serbia. The field activities were divided into two phases: Part 1(encompassing 6 communities with 124 elementary schools) and Part 2 (encompassing another 206 elementary schools).
In this paper the results of radon concentration measurement for 206 schools in 7 communities (Part 2) are provided. The number of rooms monitored per school, depending on school size, ranged from 1 to 10, with an average of 1.8 rooms. In
each monitored room, two CR-39 detectors were exposed side-by-side for two consecutive six-month periods. For each school, the annual radon concentration
average of the monitored rooms was calculated. The arithmetic mean of the 206 annual averages is 118 Bq/m3 with a standard deviation of 78 Bq/m3. The minimum radon concentration is 17 Bq/m3, and the maximum 428 Bq/m3. The median is 96 Bq/m3, with the first and third quartiles being 62 Bq/m3 and 152 Bq/m3, respectively. The lognormal parameters are the following: geometric mean = 97 Bq/m3, geometric standard deviation = 1.89. A short comparison with the part 1 results of of the indoor radon concentration in 124 schools is reported. Moreover, a spatial estimate of the radon concentration in investigated schools is also reported.

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