The Sports –Recreational animation as a factor for tourism development

Jakovlev, Zlatko and Koteski, Cane and Angelkova, Tanja and Mitreva, Elizabeta and Dzambazoski, Kristijan (2011) The Sports –Recreational animation as a factor for tourism development. In: The influence of tourism, April 27-29, 2011, Skopje, Macedonia.

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The contemporary trends in tourism require organization of the content of the tourist stay. The times when the basic tourist services as accommodation and food were the only incentives for tourist flaws, have passed. Today these services are performing needs while achieving the goal and that is meeting the needs of the visitors. These two goals are complementary. It means that the level of achieving the first goal is in connection to the achieving of the second one. The higher the level of respect for the latter one is, the higher the level of realization of the first one.
From a marketing aspect, the visitors’ needs are oriented towards the higher diversity and need foe a wider range of potential services. While in past times the food and accommodation were the synonyms of the tourist and hospitality business, in recent times these two have become only an assumption, and less a goal of the visitors. The visitors will most often direct to those destinations that offer new experiences, events, changes. The development of the product, as part of the marketing function, in the tourist and hospitality business leads to products for meeting the biological and physiological needs (food, accommodation, personal hygiene) to products for meeting various activitiesin that context,we can mention the degree of education which, in the research of the tourist motivation, appears as a relevant factor for tourist migrations.

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