Staff planning and development as a business resource within Macedonian companies

Mitreva, Elizabeta (2008) Staff planning and development as a business resource within Macedonian companies. Economic Development, 1-2 (2008). pp. 147-158.

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In order to develop a solid quality providing system it is necessary to involve each employee, time and knowledge, cooperation between the staff members and sense for teamwork. Engaging a quality system is teamwork, in companies where a good choice of team as well as the continuous education and development is lacking, could be immediately taken as unacceptable. Providing quality is a process demandable for improvement and advancement of processes, products/ services etc. All of that could be achieved by the employees with their total involvement and development of their entire internal dispositions. Managers that are involved into the planning, organizing and control processes of the employees do enjoy the right and obligation to improve their own competences and skills and the one of the staff as well, because the development of the human resources is depending from the company’s survival as well.
This paper is providing an analysis for the staff member’s profiles, their involvement into the managing of the business processes, obligations and responsibilities while handling the organizing functions as well as the acknowledgments and rewards from the results. As from the practice within the Macedonian companies the results for the development of the managers and the employees, within the planning and the development of the human resources were insufficient, which brings discontent of the staff, the customers and bds business outcomes as well. Bad business outcomes have imposed the necessity of methodology to project and implement the educational system within the companies. Complex knowledge in the TQM system needs to be spread starting from the first employee of the company – general manger, and up to each employee with a different volume of the functions and the work performance in the company.Planning of the educational process is a top management task which is needed to implement an adequate methodology for projecting and implementing of the education as one poll of the TQM strategy.
Employees education within the entire structure in the company comes in order for them to gain skills and experiences into the realization of the business processes in accordance with the products requests, services, legal obligations and criteria for competences and appointing the employees because the quality demands involving of all in each job.
Keywords: providing quality system; planning; organizing; managing; control and development of employеes; TQM strategy; methodology.

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