Employees’ contentment - a key factor whilst designing and projecting of TQM system within Macedonian educational institutions

Mitreva, Elizabeta and Prodanovska, Vesna (2011) Employees’ contentment - a key factor whilst designing and projecting of TQM system within Macedonian educational institutions. In: Academic Days of Timişoara: Social Sciences Today. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 22-28. ISBN (10): 1-4438-3335-5, (13): 978-1-4438-3335-6

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Development and maintaining of the competitive advantage within a certain educational institutions on the market makes actually a direct correlation with the resources and capacities, especially regarding the business potential that is composed of their competences, knowledge, inventiveness, leadership and many other elements that are necessary to bear the changes.
The beginning of the TQM implementation process strategy is directly linked with the decisiveness and readiness of the top management, all in order to improve own working quality. A successful realization of the designed solutions is dependable of the involving of each employee, as well as the management board.
The staff contentment is as important as the customers’ contentment. Both groups are creating and realizing activities equally. Top management of each educational institution needs to be concerned and find a way to motivate the employees in order to achieve efficient results and be able to maintain staff inventiveness and work dedication. Even if the organization is flawless alone, still its activities could be contra-productive in case their employees are not motivated the best.
Mistrust and the opportunism within the process of implementing the TQM system could be dismissed with an adjustment of organization climate and culture. Standards make the order and the discipline possible within the work performance because all of it is basically realized by using a proper communication among employees to all levels in direction to solve problems concerning the quality.
Quality could be achieved solely if the educational institution owns educational and skilled human resources capable to recon quality and if the management board is ready to improve at all means. Every employee that is content strives to improve and rise up the quality of services to a higher level. Key factor to it is the material and instrumental equipment of the working stations especially the information and communication networking that are the essential factor for efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes in general.
Keywords: TQM strategy, communication among staff, business potential, employees’ contentment.

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