Moho - discontinuity in correlation with some geophysic parametars

Delipetrov, Todor and Zivanovic, Jordan (1994) Moho - discontinuity in correlation with some geophysic parametars. Зборник на трудови на РГФ. pp. 1-4.

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This work gives the map of Moho - Discontinualy in the teritory of Macedonia. The map is drawn on the basis of the correlation of some geophysical parameters and the depth of Moho-discontinuity. The signifance of such type of map, from spatial point of view, is of regional but in the relation to its application it has a strategic character. Namely, the map provides relevant regional data about areas in which anomalous potentiality of geothermal energy can be expended, it defines the zones with clear dynamics or degree of lability of some blocks in the Earth's crust. In relation to the studies of the mineral raw materials it has a strategic character. Of special interest is the understanding about the degree of correlation of Moho - discontinuity in relation to the individual geophysical parameters. This works studied the correlation of Moho-discontinuity depending on individual geophysical parameters and on the basic we obtained that lenear correlation coefficient value which indicated the modelled parameters. These studies can represent the ground for defining a model for the depth of Moho - discontinuity depending on several geophysical parameters, in order words, they provide the possibility to define the coefficient of such a polyparameter modeling.

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