Кога одевме во Стамбол

Kitanov, Blaze (2003) Кога одевме во Стамбол. Годишен зборник - Annual Miscellaneous Collection.

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The collection of poems "Iris" (1976) by Mateja Matevski (1929, Ankara, Turkey) belongs to the group of rare anthological books in contemporary Macedonian poetry.
This is an exceptional example of merging the traditional and modern way of writing poetry. By its content, theme and poetics "Iris" is particularly contemporary and recognizable. Even today it highlights the problem of emigrating; a problem that is not only individual or regional but collective, national. There are a number of poems that can be a good illustration for this, for example "When we went to Istanbul". This is a poem which insists on including into the curriculum contents in elementary schools, mostly because this poem and others similar to it emphasize the social problem that even in this XXI century threatens to tear apart the Macedonian tissue, causing this to become the main reason for the survival and development of one nation.

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