Automatic Mesh Generation Using Bubble System

Cingoski, Vlatko and Murakawa, Ryo and Yamashita, Hideo (1997) Automatic Mesh Generation Using Bubble System. Applied Electromagnetics and Computational Technology, Proceeding of 4th Japan Joint Seminar, 11. pp. 190-197. ISSN 1383-7281

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A new method for automatic mesh generation using dynamic bubble system is presented. The proposed method has two separate routines: one which generates nodes inside the analysis domain using physically - based system of bubbles, and the second routine for automatic generation of finite elements according to the Delaunay algorithm making use of the previously generated set of nodes. Generation of the initial nodes in the analysis region is performed using total method while the dynamic movement of the bubbles is performed sumultaneously: In the proposed method the density of the mesh can be controlled using simple exponential functions which allow obtaining desired mesh density with modest amount of input data a very short computation time. The proposed meshing method is applicable for an automatic meshing of complicated shapes and structures such as those usually found in various electromagnetic devices like rotating machines and transformers.

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