Описот во прозата

Karanikolova, Lusi (2011) Описот во прозата. Авторско издание финансиски поддржано од Министерство за култура на РМ. ISBN 987-9989-57-745-1

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The functional theory of description which this study demonstrates, allows overcoming the consequences of its long-term margins. It contributes to emancipation of the description in relation to pure narrative elements through review of it’s versatile functions and the way it is integrated within narrative text. Experts’ opinion offers possibility for observation of it’s descriptive plane through four levels: descriptive typology, “Box with photograph’s”, model of the world and descriptive microstructure. The semantic contribution, implied within the cardinal descriptive entity-category of pure description revealed and accomplished within the first three phases, is installed in “the sensible platform” of the described discourse-descriptive microstructure, as it’s final balance. In it’s turn it represents flexible functional system, adaptable in relation to narrative macrostructure (=taxonomic quadrangle) of the narrative letter as an entirety.

Key words: description, leading pure description (=picture), éclatée pure description. Narrative description, description-substantive predicate, character, portray, descriptive typology, “Box of photographs”, model of the world, descriptive microstructure, descriptive plane, descriptive discourse.

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