EEG spectrum gravity as a preliminary arousal indicator and neurofeedback parameter

Pop-Jordanov, Jordan and Pop-Jordanova, Nada and Koceski, Saso (2011) EEG spectrum gravity as a preliminary arousal indicator and neurofeedback parameter. Neuroscience Letters, 500. e33. ISSN 03043940

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The main aim of this paper is to analyze the EEG spectrum gravity (brain rate) as a preliminary indicator of mental arousal level and as a multiband neurofeedback parameter, considering the neurophysical mechanisms. The main characteristic of the integral EEG spectrum is its mean frequency, weighted over the whole spectrum (brain rate), defined as in (Pop-Jordanova & Pop-Jordanov, 2005). Conducted clinical experiments show that: (1) Brain-rate can be considered as an integral brain state attribute, correlated to its electric, mental and metabolic activity; (2) In preliminary assessment, brain-rate may serve as an indicator of general mental arousal level, similar to heart-rate (Kaniusas, Varoneckas, Alonderis & Podlipskyte, 2007), blood pressure and temperature as standard indicators of general bodily activation; (3) By comparing eyes-closed and eyes-open brain-rate values the diagnoses of inner arousal can simply be achieved; (4) As a measure of arousal level, brain-rate can be applied to discriminate between subgroups of “mixed” disorders (e.g. ADHD, OCD) (Pop-Jordanova, 2009); (5) Brain-rate can be used as a multiband biofeedback parameter in mediating the underarousal or overarousal states, complementary to few-band parameters and the skin conduction; (6) Brain-rate training is especially suitable to reveal the patterns of sensitivity/rigidity of EEG spectrum and its frequency bands, related to permeability of corresponding neuronal circuits; based on this information, individually adapted neurofeedback protocols can be elaborated.

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