Cloud computing and virtualization: can cloud computing exist separately from virtualization?

Kocaleva, Mirjana and Zlatanovska, Biljana and Karamazova Gelova, Elena and Zlatev, Zoran (2024) Cloud computing and virtualization: can cloud computing exist separately from virtualization? In: Electrical Engineering, Technology, Informatics, Machinery and Automation, 27-29 Sept 2023, Stip, Macedonia.

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Virtualization is a software technique that emulates the operation of the entire computer. Depending on the needs and the powers of the physical computer, several virtual machines can be installed at the same time. The resources of physical computers will be shared between all virtual machines and because of that, virtual machines will be working slower. A virtual machine uses a combination of software and an existing computer to provide additional computer machines, all in one physical device. Cloud computing involves delivering hosted services and cloud applications over the internet and enables users to obtain a shared pool of data from remote physical servers, databases, and computers. Although virtualization and cloud computing are seen as two different techniques, they are interconnected and cannot exist without each other. Virtualization in cloud computing can prevent the IT system from failing and can protect the IT environment from bugs and viruses. In IT infrastructure, cloud computing and virtualization are used together to build a cloud infrastructure. The aim of this study is to define and analyze what virtualization and cloud computing are. Then through a comparison to show how these techniques are related to each other and consequently a conclusion will be drawn.

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