Psycho-social rehabilitation of children sexually abused at pedophilia and incest

Jordanovski, Jordancho and Peshevska, Borjanka and Danilova, Marina and Panova, Gordana and Ilievski, Vladimir (2010) Psycho-social rehabilitation of children sexually abused at pedophilia and incest. In: International summer school “Methods and Prevention in Social work within Mental Health System”. (Submitted)

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Sexual abuse of children exists when child is used to satisfy the sexual needs of an adult person who shall invade bodily integrity of the child and attack on his freedom by forcing, threats or pressure for sexual "awakening" or activity of the child. Pedophilia (greek paidos-child + fileo-love) is a sexual preference of adult person to children before age of puberty or sexual perversion that is characterized by sexual desire of adults to children. Incest is sexual abuse of a child from a person that is related to the child, whether by blood or marriage.
Worldwide about one million children are victims of sexual abuse each year. Statistics shows that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys before 18 - year age experience some form of sexual abuse. Around 75% children are abused by people which they knew and trusted. Studies conducted in Macedonia show that 2-3 children a week are becoming victims of sexual abuse. Around 15-25% of women and 5-15% of men were sexually abused as children. In Macedonia each year 800-1000 children are victims of various sexual attacks.
Forms of work with child victims: individual, group and social. Techniques and treatment methods which are used with children-victims: role play, art therapy etc.

Key words: sexual abuse, pedophilia, incest, child victims.

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